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SBE is accredited by the major mobile device manufacturers.

SBE holds accreditation for all major OEMs. We are accredited via either direct OEM accreditation or via network accreditation for the following brands:


Huawei Asus Palm Toshiba HP Alcatel LG Philips Sony Samsung Motorola Microsoft Intel Honeywell Nikon Sagem Acer Pioneer TCL Panasonic Haier ZTE BlackBerry HTC Kazam ToughShield Lexibook Sharp Yezz Apple

Due to SBE’s high level of accreditation, the business can support the majority of handsets in-house. This significantly reduces turnaround time (TAT) for repairs, which is a well-known industry failing in regards to customer satisfaction. SBE currently outsources less than 3% of its handsets. Our customer service department pro-actively drives performance improvements in regards to TAT for outsourced products.

SBE adheres to the processes and procedures provided by the OEMs and delivers services against stringent controls. This way of working has enabled us to build a very close relationship with all of our OEMs. These OEM accreditations are a direct result of our excellent reputation and support that SBE gets from all of its partners.

Another benefit of these close relationships is that they provide us with access to proprietary tools and systems. These tools and systems enable us to offer additional in-house services for our partners, such as: unlocking, customisation variance, IMEI rebuild, etc.

The support that we receive from OEMs and our in-house training capabilities allow SBE to provide a repair ability and success rate well above industry standards. This reinforces our intention to maximise repair yields, as this provides the highest possible financial performance for our clients throughout the in-warranty repair process.

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