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SBE enjoys working with major network carriers across the world.

SBE has extensive partners with network carriers across the world. The following high-profile brands have benefited from our entire range of comprehensive services and solutions:

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Orange SFR Bouygues Telecom Virgin Mobile La Poste Mobile T-Mobile EE Vodafone Mobistar Plus O2 France Telecom Meteor eMobile Three Tesco Mobile

Our entire range of services and solutions allow us to provide network carriers with suitable after-market solutions that can improve what they offer their customers. End-users are essential, as their opinions and experiences help to shape a brand’s identity across the marketplace. We are in a prime position to take care of end-users and help them when necessary as SBE is accredited by OEMs to service products for network carriers.

We appreciate that not all problems can be fixed easily, but our experience dictates that we have solutions that benefit all involved parties. We know that users don’t like having to send their devices off for repairs and repair/logistic charges can be extensive (especially with NFF devices), so we have developed unique returns avoidance tools that are well-placed to combat these problems.

Our interactive diagnostic tool allows customers to diagnose their device’s problems via a web-based front-end. This means customers have access to a 24/7 support solution that can help to solve most common device problems. The constantly-updated tool provides step-by-step advice that the customer can follow at a pace that suits their abilities. This information is presented in the form of videos, images and written content.

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