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SBE is honoured to work with insurance companies.

SBE is honoured to work with insurance companies as it allows us to help end-users get the services they require and develop additional solutions for our partners. We have worked with the following high-profile insurance brands:

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SFG SPB Gras Savoye Domestic & General LSG Assurant

SBE has been working with insurance companies ever since we started. We understand the needs of our friends in the insurance industry and we have several tailored solutions built around supporting those needs. We follow the feedback insurance companies provide us with and we use that to improve our range of solutions whenever necessary.

For all of our solutions, we look at how we can provide something that can be useful for everyone. We appreciate that as a third party acting on behalf of insurance companies, we have a duty to represent them without having a detrimental effect on their brand image and core message. You can see what the insurance companies we have worked with think about us in our case studies section.

Throughout the past 5 years, SBE has developed processes that can handle insured devices that are considered BER due to severe liquid ingress, damage to the internal components, major cosmetic damage and LCD damage. The business has shown that through our expertise gained in re-manufacturing for major OEMs, a systematic approach can be applied to insurance recovery. This helps us to keep the overall replacement costs for products to a minimum.

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