ISO 9001 Certification

SBE is proud to support full ISO 9001 certification. This means that we are dedicated to quality management systems and we ensure that we meet the specific needs of our customers and our business’ other stakeholders. All of our employees work towards measurable objectives and we make sure that their requirements are fully met.

Moreover, we record substantial amounts of data in order to improve our quality policy. This helps us project growth for the future as well as manage responsibly. SBE keeps detailed records that show how and where raw materials and products are processed within the business. This allows us to trace problems directly to the source of the item in question.

We have also created detailed systems that allow us to directly communicate with our customers regarding product information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback and complaints. We use that information to help the business deal with potential problems and improve our quality processes. When we develop new products, we use extensive planning and testing to document whether the product meets the stringent design requirements, regulatory requirements and user needs we put in place.

Our internal audits, meetings and performance reviews allow us to monitor the business’ health and plan ahead for the future. We take this certification seriously and use its thorough guidance to enhance our business plus create a solid foundation for the future.

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