ISO 18001 Certification

SBE is proud to support full ISO 18001 certification. This means that we are dedicated to providing elite health and safety management systems.  Our health and safety performance has benefitted as a result, making our high-tech repair facilities incredibly safe to work in. We do this by providing a framework that is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy working environment that can help our business to identify health and safety risks as well as control them to make sure they are dealt with in a timely fashion.

This means that we can reduce the potential for accidents across our business, and that we can make sure our workers feel safe. We comply with every piece of relevant legislation in this arena and use that to help us form a basis of the requirements we need to implement in order to have a strong health and safety team. Our team is fully trained to deal with any incidents that may occur, and are highly skilled in first aid use. Moreover, they have direct access to the emergency services when required.

Employee health is of paramount importance to us. It is our view that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce. Of course, we use the full legal requirements of this certification to improve our health and safety core processes and develop our outlook on health and safety management. We are constantly adapting to accommodate our diverse range of geographical, cultural and social conditions.

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