ISO 14001 Certification

SBE is proud to support full ISO 14001 certification. This means that we are dedicated to providing an effective environmental management system through improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and driving down costs. We take provide in using this certification to show our management, employees and external stakeholders that our environmental impact is being measured in detail. We use these measurements to reduce our environmental impact.

We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance, and we follow every piece of relevant legislation to make sure we provide that improvement in a fair and legal way. This standard helps us meet objectives and measure our performance in this space, which in turn drives us to improve how we treat the environment. It is our duty to make sure our environmental impact is minimal, and this can only be done by making sure we fully adhere to the key process recommended by the ISO 14001 certification.

SBE applies this standard to all of our business levels, from the product and service level up to the organisational level. Our experienced management team constantly monitor the development, implementation and maintenance of the environmental management system.

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