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Our core mission and values form the backbone of the services and solutions we can offer our partners.


SBE’s success is down to the creativity, flexibility and energy we dedicate to all of our businesses. In turn, these core elements support our highest company-wide values in the form of respect for our promises, our customers and our commitments.

Being a multinational force in the repairs and after sales support sector means we have a great deal of responsibility. We are focused on maintaining the trust our customers and partners place in us to maintain their business interests.

SBE takes great pride in investing significantly to maintain our level of excellent service and continue in our rapid growth markets throughout the consumer electronics industry. We feel that investing in our facilities and our workforce helps us to deliver high quality results.


SBE’s important mission is to deliver optimal services and solutions for repairs and after-sales support.

We do this through:

  • Operational excellence
  • The creation of innovative services and solutions
  • The transparency of our management and our processes
  • Providing growth and diversification of our products, services and resources
  • Financial stability

We understand that providing after-sales support and repair solutions for third parties means that we reflect the brand of our partners. Furthermore, we understand that the way end-users are treated influences the trust they place in companies. Our mission is to make sure we can give the best service possible to everyone we do business with, regardless of their place in the service chain. Moreover, we dynamically update our solutions based on the feedback from our customers and through our own self-monitoring.

In this inter-connected technological time, we are at the forefront in providing rapid interactive solutions to our customers and their end-users. We are already benefiting from our experience with developing self-service tools, for example. These types of solutions cement our mission to innovate our services through the use of technology.

The environment

Our profession is at the heart of environmental concerns. As a leader in the treatment of defective products, we are considerate about the way we approach how to recycle faulty components. By repairing and revaluing products, SBE gives new life to electronic devices.

We enjoy promoting sustainable development of our economy through maximising the lifespan of consumer products. Products that we can’t repair are processed and recycled. We truly believe in the beneficial re-use of waste according to the environmental standards of the countries we operate in. SBE is dedicated to having a minimal environmental impact and pays extensive attention to the treatment of waste from our services.

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