Company Profile - Two mobile phones

SBE is a leading multinational company in the electronics and telecommunications service fields. Thanks to our experience, we are internationally recognised as an expert in customer service.

Who are we?

SBE offers comprehensive aftermarket solutions for players in the telecommunications and consumer electronics industries.

These solutions include customer relationship management (CRM), reverse logistics customer service, technical inspection, filtering of defective products, break-fix repair and intervention monitoring. SBE has a multitude of fully-equipped technical repair centres in Europe, each fitted with a call centre and several workshops for high-tech production.


Founded in 1987, SBE started as a technical expert and service organization for manufacturers and installers of telephone exchanges. In the early 90’s, we decided to focus our activities on consumer markets. Subsequently, SBE grew to become the preferred partner for operators and handset manufacturers throughout Europe.

Today, SBE is a leader in repair activities, reverse logistics and after-sales service. Our plants handle more than 5 million units of electronic equipment per year across Europe.

  • The Core SBE Business Units

    Front End Solutions

    Repair Services

    Recycling and Recovery

    Analytics and Integration