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SBE Canada enjoys working at the crossroads between device manufacturers, network operators, distribution channels and insurance companies.

We have worked with an array of businesses across different disciplines for a long time, and we took those opportunities to hone our range of services to match the expectations of their respective client sectors. We understand every business is different, but our ability to customise our solutions and help different types of companies will always remain the same.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) - Two mobile phones

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

SBE Canada is fully accredited by most major OEMs, whom have provided us with some useful guidelines for repairing and supporting their devices.

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Network Carriers - Mobile phone network mast

Network Carriers

SBE Canada works with an ever-expanding range of carriers every single day. They are the cornerstone of our after sales and service solutions.

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Distributors - Boxes moving on a conveyor belt


Distributors have always been integral for communicating with customers, and SBE Canada has been involved with this communication process for a considerable amount of time.

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Retailers - Grid of retailers SBE works with


We follow the feedback retailers gratefully provide us and we use that to improve our range of solutions whenever necessary. We understand that this sector is incredibly competitive, which is why our services are built to provide retailers with the ability to differentiate their brands.

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Insurance Companies - Broken Mobile Phones piled up

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies need dependable companies they can trust to assist them. SBE Canada understands the needs of insurance companies and we offer a variety of solutions for these businesses.

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