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Want to send your phone for repair but don’t know how to back it up first?

At SBE, we understand that sending your phone or tablet for repair can be a traumatic experience. The most common thread between the emails and tweets we receive is that smart device users are apprehensive about sending their product for … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 announced

Samsung today announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 at their Unpacked 2013 event in New York. The device is the latest in the popular Galaxy series of phones, and offers some additional features on top of the usual bump in … Continue reading

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BlackBerry launches BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry (the company formerly known as ‘RIM’) finally released BlackBerry 10 at a high-profile worldwide launch event today. The long-awaited revamp of the BlackBerry platform is seen by many as a last ditch effort to combat iOS and Android. BlackBerry’s … Continue reading

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Will 4G help your business?

Most businesses have benefited from high-speed internet to their premises for a long time. Email, VOIP, video conferencing, collaboration tools and research has become an essential part of everyday business life. Fortunately, our internet connections have kept up and made … Continue reading

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How your business can benefit from social media

Social media has become the de facto standard for communication in this modern era of smartphones and super-connectivity. People can now get information from anyone or anything they want at an incredible speed. As a result, instant gratification is expected … Continue reading

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How to rescue your Android device after forgetting your lock pattern

For the past year, a rather unique but crippling issue has cropped up for Android users. Some unfortunate folks have forgot their Android lock patterns and their devices aren’t accepting their Google account details to let them back in. This … Continue reading

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