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BlackBerry launches BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry (the company formerly known as ‘RIM’) finally released BlackBerry 10 at a high-profile worldwide launch event today. The long-awaited revamp of the BlackBerry platform is seen by many as a last ditch effort to combat iOS and Android. BlackBerry’s … Continue reading

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Waze: a disruptive app that mashes social and free GPS navigation

Apps have revolutionised the mobile sector in many ways. They have changed the way people consume content, interact with their environment and talk to each other. The app ecosystem has lead to some extremely talented developers taking to markets across … Continue reading

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Self-service solutions as a modern support mechanism

Devices are becoming increasingly complex, and a knock-on effect of that is there are plenty more issues for consumers to run into when using their device. For example, take a look at what’s been happening to RIM this week. Their … Continue reading

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