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We have just updated several of our websites, and introduced a new website for SBE Canada. The new websites offer some exciting new features that we thought we should share with you. For starters, users now have access to a jobs section on SBE Global, SBE UK, SBE Ireland and SBE Canada. The jobs section on SBE Global includes roles from all of the locations listed above. Applying to the positions is easy, with users being instructed to either visit an external link to apply on a partner website or to us directly.

SBE logoMoreover, the new site has an improved layout in order to make it simple to navigate. We’ve worked extensively on upgrading how our pages look on whatever device you use, and this is all down to using a responsive design. For example, users on mobile devices will now see a different version of the site from desktop users. However, they will be able to see the same content and they won’t be redirected to a separate site. This was important for us as we didn’t want to compromise on quality, but we know that mobile devices are becoming the standard way for people to experience the internet.

On top of those interesting additions, we’ve also tweaked the content across our network of sites. For example, we’ve gone back and made higher resolution banners, edited some of our written content, added more detailed Support sections for end-users, and introduced several pages about how we work with ISO standards.

SBE hopes that you like the new sites. We will monitor how our users are responding to the designs and tweak them accordingly as we go on. If you have any problems with the new sites, please let us know by visiting SBE Global’s Contact Us page or by leaving us a comment below.

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