Hello and welcome to the SBE Group blog

Hello and welcome to the SBE Group blog. We are here to provide you with some insights into our company and industry, as well as to provide a smattering of useful tips for some individual devices/mobile operating systems. We hope you enjoy our brand new website and what we have to say.

SBE is a leading European industrial group in the electronics and telecommunications service fields. We offer comprehensive aftermarket solutions for players in the telecommunications industry and consumer electronics sector. The SBE Group of companies has bases in the UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Ireland and the US.

We provide front end solutions, asset recovery, high volume repair centres and reporting tools for our partners in the telecommunications service fields. We understand that companies have a brand image to maintain and consumers to look after, so we fit our business interests around that premise. There is no one more important than the end-user, and we believe our focus on customers can push your business interests forward.

With the rapidly expanding world of technology, consumers need a strong support structure in order to maintain their devices to the level of which they expect. Technology companies now have a lot of variables to consider when planning their end-user services, but we can handle these problems for you. That will leave you being able to focus on your main business interests whilst we look after integral aspects of your consumer-base.

We are always looking at our services and thinking about ways we can improve them for everyone. We have to be this dynamic to keep up with the technology industry. With new devices and protocols released on a near-daily basis, it can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, we have several dedicated teams that are always analysing the past, present and future of not only ourselves, but our entire industry.

We hope you enjoy our blog! We’re aiming to include something for everyone, but we are planning to adapt our style based on your feedback so feel free to comment and get involved. We are also available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Delicious if you want to get in touch. We are normally all over the internet so feel free to say hello if you see us out and about on our travels.

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