Our first ever repaired device was…

Many folks across the hallowed halls of the SBE fortresses have often pondered what the first ever device we repaired was. Well, we have dug around and confirmed through various sources that the first mobile phone we repaired was at SBE France. The chosen one was the Siemens S1 back in 1994, the same year the GSM behemoth launched.

The Siemens S1 has proved elusive for the basic searcher to detail as of late, thanks to the rush of more powerful phones and other Siemens products introducing similar naming schemes. However, we did manage to track down this delightful video some kind YouTube user has posted:

In case you were wondering, newspapers and clocks really did used to look like how they do in Siemens’ old press image up there. It was a long time ago and was almost a different world to today’s madcap era.

The S1 was named the “Siemens S1 Marathon” in most locales. The reasoning behind the marathon name is because it would last a full day without charging. It also had a manual keylock slide button on the top left side. All this proves it was revolutionary for its time. Smartphones nowadays barely last a day and they still don’t have dedicated keylock buttons, with most opting to dual-use the power-button instead. The S1 weighed in at 390g, with a pocket-smashing height of 191mm. It was 57mm wide and 33mm deep and came with a 6V 700mAh NI-CD battery. It used the lightning-fast D-Power 900MHz GSM network and became a leviathan of the airwaves.

Back then, it was a simpler time. Phones were in black and white or the equivalent: grey/green and black. They were focused on doing their job: phoning people whilst being out and about. They had pull-out antennas to grasp more signal and an always-persistent physical keypad. Screens could fit three precious text lines of data and menus consisted of normal phone items, like call lists.

Here at SBE UK, we want to celebrate our history and where we have come from. The S1 was the first of millions of repaired devices for us and we are grateful for what it paved the way for. If there weren’t phones like these, we would never have progressed to where we are now. It got the ball rolling for us and has become a cult icon around our offices.

Time may have forgotten you S1, but we most certainly haven’t. Enjoy your rest, you’ve earned it.

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