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As you may have seen on our Twitter and Facebook page, we have a bi-daily official newspaper. It’s called “The SBE Group Daily” and it’s hosted by our friends at Essentially, the paper is built from all of the people we follow on Twitter. has some clever algorithms that pick up the most talked about stories on Twitter from those we follow and arranges them in a pleasing newspaper-based format. It automatically updates the content on a daily basis (or timescale of your choosing).

We hope you like it! If you want to be on our daily newspaper, feel free to get in touch (comment here, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else you wish) and we can follow you with the official SBE Group Twitter account. After that, it’s up to to decide if your tweets should make the paper. However, we will still read everything that gets tweeted to us and in most cases we will respond. If you guys like this format, we might create different papers for different regions too so let us know how you feel about it.

You can access our here:

Do you also have your own newspaper or another form of collating your community’s material? Leave a comment below and tell us about it! We’ll pick our favourites and blog about them in the next few days.

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