Why your company needs dedicated copywriters

The copywriter profession can be overlooked in the modern business arena. As education standards have improved and social media has took hold, some business leaders may feel that hiring a copywriter is unnecessary. These businesses either ask someone in another position to write their copy in-house or outsource it to a professional copywriting company.

Whilst these solutions may prove to be useful in the short-term, they aren’t reliable for long-term copy production. External companies often don’t know the inner workings of the businesses they’re asked to write for and as a result, can’t create content that fits in with the business’ house style or core interests. Whilst this may be fine for small companies that don’t have the resources to hire dedicated copywriters, larger companies need to take advantage of this role to differentiate their brand.

Hiring dedicated copywriters and bringing them in-house alongside your staff will greatly enhance your business. Copywriters can ensure that your house style is maintained across all of your business offerings and provide a central pillar of support for staff members that need additional assistance with written English. This can be especially useful if your business has a worldwide reach and staff of various nationalities, which may have their own languages and/or styles of writing. Standardising that output will showcase the fact that your company has strong leadership and one dedicated voice.

Another benefit of dedicated copywriters is that most copywriters can provide support for both internal and external documentation as well as marketing material. This is useful in that it can further enhance your business’ writing style and give your copy a cohesive feel. In turn this can enhance brand identity, which could lead to other brands wanting to work with you and becoming attached to your brand.

Moreover, the information age has created a thirst for transparent copy that can be easily digested in a digital format on a plethora of devices. Whether that format is an app, a website, a PDF or any other form of document doesn’t matter, the content that’s in those needs to be similar. Cohesion across these forms of media is surprisingly still lacking in business, even though there’s plenty of available marketing opportunities that can come from sharing resources in this way. What’s more, this can help save time and free your marketing teams to engage in other tasks.

If your audience expects a simplified marketing message, you should provide them with that and follow up with more detailed material after first contact. However, if you wish to provide in-depth material you should teach your copywriters about that aspect of your company and give them anything they require to create their copy. On the whole, copywriters offer a great value proposition that require little spend for a big return.

The best copywriters also have other skills such as social media experience and sub-editing capabilities. With these copywriters, it’s important to give them a strong direction but still allow them to have the freedom they require to build their role in the way they see fit. If you encourage them to act as gatekeepers to any copy your business releases, you should see positive results immediately.

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