The benefits of cross-promotion

SBE UK was recently the focus of a case study PDF created by Insight UK. Insight UK is a leading provider of IT, hardware, software and solutions so SBE UK definitely thought they would be perfect for them. They were correct, and their relationship blossomed. So much so, that Insight UK thought they should highlight us in more depth in the case study PDF.

InsightThe PDF can be downloaded here:

As you can see from the file, Insight UK produced a professional document that detailed SBE UK. They included key information such as the company’s business sector, how many employees they have and how many devices SBE UK repairs every year. Details like that provide interesting marketable facts for both the advertiser (in this case: Insight UK) and the client (SBE UK) which help to generate buzz about their respective brands.

The text then talks about the challenges Insight UK faced when providing a solution to SBE UK and this is written in a way that respects their specific needs. They interviewed Gregory Dumont, Head of eService Strategy at SBE UK to talk about the company’s requirements, and this provided Insight UK with a quote they could reference during the rest of the case study. Insight UK used the points provided by Mr Dumont when explaining their solution, which went into substantial depth.

The piece finishes on a second quote from Mr Dumont, which states how happy he is with Insight UK’s solution before wrapping up with a concluding statement. This part is extremely important, as it lets Mr Dumont talk about SBE UK, their IT team and how Insight UK helped him.

This case study is a very useful item to look at, as it shows the benefits of cross-promotion. SBE UK and Insight UK both enjoyed positive marketing coverage in the article, which made this venture extremely useful. Insight UK get to talk about how much they helped a major client, and SBE UK gets to spread the message about their brand to readers they couldn’t normally target. Companies are working together in this way a lot more now, and it’s providing excellent results.

Leads from both companies involved in this can potentially grow just by associating with each other, and this is something many industries should try in order to remain relevant in today’s inter-connected society.

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