Guest Post: Best Apps for Keeping Your Life Organized

By Marcela De Vivo, freelance writer

Living in the age of the smartphone might be making us a little busier and distracted, but it’s likewise given us some great tools to become more organized than we ever could have hoped to be. It seems that in just about every area of life there’s an app that is designed to help you be more focused, efficient, and productive than you would without it (that’s of course excluding the massive games category in the App Store and the Google Play Store).

organized1Smartphones are partially responsible for our busier lives because they have made it easier to manage tasks and organize all of the information we need into one place.

In fact, many people are able to accomplish a substantial percentage of their work (or at least manage it) from only their smartphone, without the need for a PC. In 2013, this is how the world works, so if you want to stay organized, it pays to know which apps to target.

Here are a few that I would recommend to help you get, and stay organized.

1.Evernote (App Store) (Play Store) — One of the best features of Evernote is that after it allows you to take notes, create to-do lists, record voice memos and snap pictures, you’re then able to access all of those things through a search function.

You can tag your notes and photos and sort them into categories as well as save and sync your files across whatever devices you use. Evernote is one of the most popular apps on the market and for good reason, since it’s one of the most comprehensive and useful productivity apps that you’ll be able to find.

This app is perfect for the businessperson who needs to stay organized amidst meetings and conference calls. When the busy schedule starts at 8AM and doesn’t stop till well after 5, you need something to keep you on top of things. Evernote does that for you.

2. Dropbox (App Store) (Play Store) — If you work between several different devices and use a lot of different documents (perhaps in the legal profession or something similar), Dropbox can be quite helpful.

Instead of having to email documents to yourself and others, Dropbox allows you to keep documents in a cloud so that you can access them across several different devices, or share them with colleagues.

3. RedLaser (App Store) (Play Store) — This app has received a tremendous amount of positive acclaim as being one of the best shopping apps available. The concept is simple, in that it allows you to scan barcodes of items and find the best price for that item, as well as coupons for thousands of local and online retailers.

4. Facebook Pages Manager (App Store) (Play Store) — Administration in charge of the social media sites and aspects of their company need to be able to stay up-to-date and connected with their audience wherever they are. The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you that functionality, and helps you stay organized, with everything in one place.

5. Grocery Pal (App Store) — Grocery Pal functions in a similar fashion to RedLaser, but focuses on finding you the best prices for your groceries, even to the point of searching online and allowing you to purchase those groceries from the app itself.

This app is going to be particularly helpful to you if your grocery shopping involves several different stops every week, looking for the best deals.

It’ll help you streamline that process, find the best prices and even provide you with coupons for what you’re buying. It’s basically a grocery list that does a lot of thinking and organizing for you.

6. LinkedIn (App Store) (Play Store) — For the business professional always on the go, the LinkedIn app is perfect. This app allows you to build connections, search for others within your industry, and send iMails to anyone else within the network. When you can’t even stop to sit down for lunch, this app makes it easy to stay working while you move.

7. Pageonce (App Store) — Pageonce is an organizational app that focuses on tracking your spending and managing your money. It links up to your bank account so it’s simple for you to download your spending data and then organize it from within the app. Likewise you can link it to your credit card, setup bill reminders and just keep closer tabs overall on your weekly cash flow.

Doing the Work for Us

Staying organized is a full-time job, and having a little extra help to do some of the organizing for us certainly can’t hurt. These apps all do a great job simplifying the aspects of our lives that they address, and isolating them into one place for a more organized approach.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional from Los Angeles. Between running her own business, Gryffin Media, and working for She is busy 24/7 and relies heavily on her smartphone and its apps to help her stay organized.

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