The effects of increasing repair status visibility

Repair status visibility is a major point of contention for both consumer and enterprise-facing businesses. Many companies believe that making their repair processes transparent could lead to customers seeing “too much” information or that their repairs are taking longer than an estimated timeframe. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

As with most things in business, honesty is always the best policy. Displaying a customer’s repair status needs a mixture of control and transparency. Don’t be afraid to unveil bad news but be careful how you handle it. A customer obviously doesn’t want to be told that a repair is not going smoothly, but if you can minimise the effect by explaining why that will be appreciated. Use the repair status as a tool to bridge communications with the customer and bring them onside with your company.

At a time when business is depicted in a negative public light, this communication can prove crucial when dealing with customers. This goes beyond the simple ‘being nice’ concept that is taught to customer support. Your new mindset should be to fully empathise with your base users and understand them. Many businesses seem to forget that their customers pay their wages and help them grow, so don’t be afraid to give something back.

To truly reach your customers, you need to think like them and be where they are. If you have a repair status portal or other such mechanism that is accessible by call centres, at the POS and/or online, this will greatly benefit your business.

Case study: SBE Ltd Repair Status

SBE Ltd offers a repair status tracking portal that works in this manner. It is accessible to the customer support team in their call centres, available at the POS and has a major presence online.

The SBE Ltd repair status tracking portal is unique in that it offers completely secure repair status tracking. Customers and end-users that need to use the portal have to provide at least two forms of identification in order to see their repair status, which means that they can only see information about their specific device repair.

Moreover, the repair status portal provides complete visibility about a repair. Going by our ethos of being completely honest, we’ll let the customer know if we’re waiting for a specific part to be delivered or if we had to outsource the repair. This is information that companies normally like to hide, but in our experience the benefits from that only help your company’s image in the short term.

Moreover, SBE Ltd has an area that registered SBE UK employees and collaborative personnel can access to see more about a device’s repair. Again, this gives more visibility in the repair process and allows their team to easily provide information for customers as well as efficiently deal with support requests. It’s also worth mentioning that all of SBE Ltd’s repair status portals integrate with the SBE Global Care Platform. This means that our repair status portals integrate with our front end solutions, repair services and analytics services.

A plethora of other companies agree with our stance on repair status visibility, and have subsequently chosen us to offer repair status tracking portals for them. These include T-Mobile UK’s Repair tracker, which has had great feedback from its users. SBE Ltd is always monitoring all of their repair status portals and making sure they have as much uptime as possible, as they understand that these are integral for customers wishing to view their repair status.

If you would like to know how a SBE Ltd-developed repair status portal will benefit your business, feel free to get in touch.

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