Self-service solutions as a modern support mechanism

Devices are becoming increasingly complex, and a knock-on effect of that is there are plenty more issues for consumers to run into when using their device. For example, take a look at what’s been happening to RIM this week. Their BlackBerry services have ground to a halt and because of the way their smartphones are set up this down time has effected how users can message each other, use the internet and even email. These are issues that wouldn’t have existed before, but are easily prevalent today.

Interactive Diagnostic LogoRemarkably, RIM’s customers instantly took to social media and other online resources to see what the problem is with their device. During the days of major outage, there were several trending topics worldwide with many thousands of users talking about their problems. It’s a major sign that customers are happy to self-serve in order to solve their issues and look up their problems.

During the same period, visits to our interactive diagnostic tools across our large variety of partners exceeded expectations as users sought answers to their queries. The public are now technically aware and able to look for answers themselves. They are getting rewarded for their efforts by finding out about their specific problems. Specifically, they are getting the solutions they want without having to resort to the usual forms of customer service (through call centres or obscure, slow email support).

The problem with the BlackBerry services downtime is that RIM were heavily criticised for not providing enough support options for their users. It could be argued that it wasn’t their fault and they were trying to focus on fixing the issues at hand, but users have become accustomed to high-profile brands interfacing with customers on a much more personal level than ever before. Customers are used to getting instant feedback for their assortment of issues and this is something that self-service diagnostic tools can provide at an incredibly low cost to your business.

The case with RIM is one of many, but it is an important reminder that you need support solutions that are easily accessible and quick to use. With so much competition fighting for people’s time in this modern world, it’s important that your brand offers something unique that serves to directly help customers. This goes against the normal approach of trying to reduce call volumes through obscuring details and instead the interactive diagnostic solution is a 24/7, always-updated service that holds as many answers as possible.

We believe self-service can make a huge difference to your business. Our experiences have proved that customers are enjoying this additional support system and we’re proud to be offering this unique way of interfacing with your customers. We have an extensive team that has been building interactive diagnostic solutions for a large amount of partners and we couldn’t be happier with our progress. We recognise the importance of customer service but we also know the challenges you are going through on a day-to-day basis in order to meet your support targets. Our interactive diagnostic tool is a constantly updated solution and is ready to assist your customers.

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