Reducing NFF percentage

NFF can seriously impact your profit margins. What strategies do you have in place to reduce NFF percentage?

Reducing NFF percentage is an absolute must, but thankfully there are more tools than ever to deal with the problem. Thanks to internet penetration reaching an all-time high, customers have access to a wider variety of tools to get solutions for their problems.

Here are the most important ways of reducing NFF percentage:

– Provide better training for service technicians and call centre agents. This could be an issue in organisations with a high staff turnover.

– Educate the customer and end-user about the products. If possible, provide them access to tools which can identify the source of the problem. For example, a diagnostic tool can empower the end-user.

– Offer technicians and call centre agents compensation structures that emphasize accuracy over speed.

– Implement policies in your organization to charge the cost of any NFF item back to its service organization, retailer and re-seller.

Moreover, you can also use the internet to provide them with self-service solutions that fit in to this mantra. You can also use the dynamic and constantly updating nature of the internet to keep ahead of your customers with the latest devices and possible new problems.

Using technology intelligently can greatly increase the knowledge of your call centre agents and technicians without putting them under any additional stress. We understand it can be a difficult job, but with these new toolsets we really believe that we can improve their work ethic and increase morale.

Call centre staff are often not rewarded enough and/or pressured into providing rapid results, but we should be pushing to treat them fairly. We need to provide them with a way to work more accurately whilst reducing the pressure for speed. To do that, call centre agents need additional thorough resources that are tailored to their way of thinking that can dynamically update to combat specific issues.

NFF items will always exist in the electronics repairs industry. They are inevitable as devices become more popular and we cross the realm into a fully technology-enhanced world. However, with some simple steps and enhanced ways of educating end-users you can make a difference to the amount of NFF items you will receive.

What strategies do you have in place to reduce NFF percentage? Post them in the comments below and share your knowledge with the community.

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