How to make IT and customer support work together

The IT and customer support industries are more closely intertwined than ever before, but there’s still a common prevalent notion that these two industries don’t work well together. The IT industry is typically seen as dedicated to pushing technological advancement, whilst the customer support industry is seen as possibly archaic in comparison. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

IT has a lot to teach the customer support infrastructure, and we are only just starting to see the fruits of its labour through self-service solutions plus major advances in the technology available to aftermarket support companies. The IT industry is providing some important hardware and software changes to the customer support space, which we thoroughly encourage your business to explore going forward.

Building central support databases is an essential part of this newfound partnership, by blurring the lines between IT and customer support. Central customer interaction hub platforms provide an ideal starting space for businesses, thanks to their low start-up costs and comprehensive abilities to be built upon.

Central hubs can be integrated easily into call centres and self-service solutions, as well as internal support. Any additional data can be integrated easily and as such, this creates a constantly dynamic resource. Obviously, this also affects reliability and provides end-users with a much more coherent support experience. Research teams never normally have much of an impact with support solutions, but with this particular service they are thrust in to the limelight and essentially they become the cornerstone for the entire project.

Networked content is incredibly important in this modern age, and users expect 24/7 support regardless of their location. Services such as this enable your business to deliver a constantly available resource in the form of web self-service through access portals. Moreover, IDT gives you unique scalability and modular opportunities whilst maintaining essential security requirements.

SBE’s IDT services and solutions are completely compliant with any set standards you may have, and our experiences with other businesses has given us a unique insight in to what we can offer your company. We understand the challenges of modern-day customer support and we are dedicated to making the support-chain as painless and reliable as possible. Another integral part of this is usability. We design our tools to be user-friendly to both the end-users and customer support staff, often using similar UIs between both to further decrease the potential support gap.

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