Why your business should support the environment

Last week, Apple withdrew from the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) scheme. It was rumoured that their new MacBook Pro wouldn’t get the scheme’s top rating because its thin design could make it hard to recycle. Yesterday, Apple rejoined the scheme after “many loyal Apple customers” put pressure on them. You could argue that this was a highly calculated PR move to look good in the public eye, but environment schemes are incredibly important regardless of the politics.

It’s no secret that environmental concerns are a crucial component to business operation, but in these tough economic times every business is trying to cut down on unnecessary expenditure. Being certified as pro-environment shows that your business genuinely cares and wants to make a difference with the tools you have available. Responsible enterprise is not just a marketing tool; it should be the only way of doing business.

Showing your business supports recycling can have considerable business benefits. Recycling companies will obviously be impressed with the green credentials and this could provide substantial business leads within that sector which shouldn’t be ignored. With more waste than ever coming out of businesses, this could be an ideal opportunity to recuperate losses you didn’t even know you were making. With the global economy suffering from immense challenges, now is the time to look into responsibly finding additional revenue streams.

Signing up to a scheme is a good first step, but you have to make sure your business heavily invests in adhering to the environment scheme’s guidelines. Moreover, if you wish to work with a partner on this and related projects, it’s important to make sure they’re fully certified. The usual partner checks should also be enhanced, so look out for their reputation, business approach, mission and locations. There are a plethora of recycle companies out there, but there might not be many that are a perfect fit for your business. Shop around and compare businesses to your own specifications before making a commitment.

Some businesses (such as SBE) provide trade-in portals to encourage recycling from end-users. We have developed various customer specific end-to-end ‘Buy Back Incentive Schemes’ for networks and insurance companies. The market for this area is huge, and could provide everyone in the chain with a large variety of recyclable products for little cost. Obviously, this is kind to the environment but it also provides other benefits such as being cost effective, easy to set up and get running, rapid TAT and availability at POS, online or through a call centre.

Environmental concerns shouldn’t just focus on recycling; making your product easily repairable can also provide substantial benefits for both your bottom line and the world around you. Repairing devices may be a part of your support process already, but if it’s not it should be targeted as soon as possible. When coupled with recycled assets, there is considerable scope for matching environmental targets. As an added bonus, this will provide a better driver for your support process and give your customers additional options.

Asset recovery is a speciality that takes pride of place in all of SBE’s locations. We have full ISO 14000 certification that complements our other ISO certifications and allows us to be fully compliant with the law and regulations in this sensitive area. Our focus on recovering significant assets from the product and economically re-using them to their full potential makes sure you secure the maximum possible revenue from the product. This service also provides a way to re-use previously BER (beyond economic repair) devices, which would normally be disposed. We really feel that SBE makes a difference by cleanly removing assets from the supply chain without impacting the environment. We hope you do to.

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