Why are aftermarket services important? Part 4: Parts Sales

Parts sales are yet another key part of the aftermarket services sector. Accessories and additional add-on devices have always been popular, but in the mobile industry that popularity is at an all-time high. Consumers love purchasing additional devices for their phones, including hands-free kits, Bluetooth peripherals, cases and screen protectors amongst many others.

The reason why these additional devices are so popular is that they enhance the user’s product and provide them with additional convenience. Hands-free kits have become the only legal way to make calls whilst driving, and this has ensured that those devices remain a part of the important peripheral ecosystem. The same could be said for USB cables and removable storage. Both allow users to connect their devices to their computers and transfer their own content to and from their device. Again, these peripherals have increase convenience for the end-user and provided them with unique opportunities.

The same could be said for the internal parts of mobile phones. As a large repair outlet servicing millions of devices every year, we appreciate firms that easily allow us to source parts for us to easily carry out our repairs. The same rules of convenience apply to business as much as they apply to end-users. If your company can provide additional parts to both users and other business outfits, you can become a large presence in the mobile market.

Parts may not sound like an exciting prospect for generating leads, but throughout our experience we can assure you that the biggest brands have ensured they can provide unique after-sales accessories and B2B components. Having a grip on both markets ensures that your business can control what your customers use with their products. Many independent firms provide similar parts and accessories so it’s important that your business remains at the forefront of this important sector.

Let’s take a look at Apple. When they launched the iPad 2 this year, they used the opportunity to show their smart cover and the convenience it could offer their customers. It was an unprecedented move; with the cover accompanying most of the device’s marketing materials. Previously, Apple hadn’t tried this aggressive form of accessory marketing but they took a chance with the iPad 2 launch and it considerably paid off in their favour. With users already paying a premium to purchase the iPad 2 itself, they didn’t mind the comparatively little extra they would have to pay for the convenience and peace of mind of the smart cover. If you look at the product, it is simplistic yet easy to understand and fixes to the back of the device through magnets. Apple have realised that the simplest ideas are the best and they have capitalised on that mantra to make a considerable profit on what is normally a trivial niche item.

That concludes this series on why aftermarket services are important. There is a lot more to the aftermarket services sector than what we have shared with you, but we are adamant the content in our series covers the key areas that your business needs to focus on in order to succeed in this area. As always if you have any feedback on anything in this series, feel free to leave a comment or contact us on any platform you feel comfortable with. Our contact us area has more details about how you can do that.

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