Why are aftermarket services important? Part 3: Upholding contract requirements

Part 3: Upholding contract requirements

Upholding contract requirements has been a key part of business ever since it begun. When most people think about contracts in our industry, they think about how companies agree contracts with end-users as well as with each other. Whatever the contract is aiming at, it’s important that your business can match its requirements and follow through with its promises.

We appreciate every business wants to do well and claim that they can provide services for everyone, but it’s important that they follow the scope of their business and what they can realistically offer. For example, SBE can service multiple carriers, manufacturers, insurers and distributors because we have the infrastructure and scope to realistically cover the demand generated through those business interests.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s important for companies to aim high and try to work at their maximum capacity but it’s also integral to take stock of your achievements. Encouraging gradual yet effective growth is important in these tough economic times, as it allows companies to nurture their talent and business interests. SBE has a lot of experience with upholding contract requirements, and that’s down to our long-standing experience in this key area. We’ve seen many competitors try to offer too much and the effects of this can be extremely damaging for all involved parties.

The same could be said for mobile phone contracts. Users enter into an agreement between themselves and the networks, with both parties needing to uphold their part of the contract in order to support that ecosystem. As part of that, users expect some degree of assurance that their devices will get repaired and that they will have support options available to them at any given time.

The important part of mobile phone contracts is the balance between what operators provide for their users and what the users expect in return for their investment. Networks work hard to provide exciting new products and services for their customers in order to compete with each other, much like most industries. However, in the mobile space there is a wider array of competition and products can be unlocked/rooted/jailbroken. If a user doesn’t like their service or software, they can change them extremely quickly.

To hold on to customers, companies are relying on firms such as SBE to provide important after-sales services. These can vary from the usual array of call-centres and device repair facilities to our unique front-end solutions. Thanks to our returns avoidance tools, networks can actually enjoy a reduced returns percentage.

Our interactive diagnostic tool is an important element of the returns avoidance tools we can provide for your business’ customers. It allows users to find solutions to their problems at any time that suits them, and provides detailed step-by-step resolution guides with multimedia objects such as images and flash video. Each resolution guide or “script” is tailored towards a specific device, which ensures users get the correct tips for their precise needs.

Services like these help to ensure brand loyalty with your customers. With a few unique services your business can provide a comprehensive support solution to your customers that they can fully benefit from at their leisure. The best way to uphold contract requirements is through support. If your customers trust you and realise what you can do to help them when things go wrong, they will not want to leave your brand.

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