Why are aftermarket services important? Part 2: Warranty Management

Part 2: Warranty Management

Warranty management is crucial for a wide assortment of industries, and it can have a direct impact on how customers perceive brands. The speed of growth and the impact of bottom lines are hitting businesses hard. Warranty costs can be quite high, thanks to their usually unpredictable and uncontrollable nature.

Unfortunately, we all know the client challenges for warranty management all too well. Duplicate or invalid claims waste everyone’s time and rapidly reduce the effectiveness of the supply chain. Moreover, poor supplier charge back processes also delay how businesses can help their customers. We appreciate business discipline and accountability in the supply chain is incredibly important, as customers need the best service possible in order to remain loyal to your brand.

Lack of traceability and failure of code attribution effects how products are tracked throughout the warranty management process. It’s imperative that products are tracked at every stage of the supply chain and that this tracking information is available at all times. Furthermore, this information needs to be updated as close to real time as possible to ensure that both customers and businesses can see products actively move through the supply chain. Loss of products is not acceptable in today’s increasingly connected world. Companies can make great use of internet-based tracking systems for this purpose, as they are always available and easily accessible to anyone at any time.

Furthermore, a weak claims administration process can cause both businesses and customers a number of headaches. Claims need to be dealt with in a professional and effective manner, and that can be achieved through automation and attention to detail. Dedicated teams need to process claims and follow products throughout the supply chain through clear to read documentation as well as key monitoring equipment. Moreover, it should be made as easy as possible for teams to contact each other and get the important information they require.

That leads on to the next point, lack of visibility in warranty information. Warranty information needs to be perfectly accurate as to avoid confusion as the product moves through the supply chain. This may seem simple, but when your business is dealing with an extraordinary amount of devices every day mistakes can happen. When they do, they affect all involved parties thanks to warranty management being used as the core of many service offerings across the supply chain.

SBE offers a comprehensive warranty management services that tackles all of these issues and ensures a smooth supply chain. Customers deserve a coherent and streamlined process that is there to benefit them. We know the feeling when a device’s repair isn’t covered by a warranty (OOW), so we also have additional services for repairing products that find themselves in those unfortunate situations. We feel we can offer the best of both worlds: upholding the warranty requirements/processes of our clients whilst assisting customers in any way we possibly can.

Warranties can be divisive, but businesses can trust us with looking after their customers with the upmost care. We understand the issues they face on a daily basis and advise our partners on the feedback we receive in this area extensively. We always strive to make a difference in our industry throughout all aspects of our business, and our warranty management services match that pledge.

How do you and your company handle warranty management? Are you an end-user yourself that has experiences with warranties? We would like to hear from you. Feel free to leave us a comment here or contact us.

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