Why are aftermarket services important? Part 1: Customer Support

Part 1: Customer Support

Aftermarket services are incredibly important in most industries, and they play an essential role in the telecommunications and electronics sectors. Customers expect instant support options from the very moment they purchase a product. For mobile devices, there is the potential for multiple support providers. The device’s manufacturer and its carrier are expected to be able to assist customers, thanks to a strong consumer mindset dictating the need for support.

For both carriers and manufacturers, leaving device support down to the other party can be a dangerous strategy. If your company provides its own aftermarket services that fit in with those of the other party’s requirements, you can ensure a service that not only assists the customer but fits in to the branding of your product.

In an age of intense competition in the mobile space, carriers and manufacturers are constantly looking out for ways in which they can gain an advantage over their competition. Aftermarket services can be a useful tool to control a company’s brand image in terms of being viewed as a brand that helps and looks after its customers.

To compete in the important aftermarket services area, carriers and manufacturers are actively pursuing new forms of support options. One such option is our IDT Solution, which allows customers to self-diagnose their device’s problems and fix a troublesome issue directly. This system provides customers with a constant resource that is available at any time, even when traditional services (such as call centre support) are closed.

Moreover, our IDT Solution can be constantly updated to add new products and potential issues. We monitor the feedback from our tools and base a great deal of our dynamic content principles on what our users have to say. We also focused on adapting our tools to match market and consumer expectations.

Another support option that’s gaining great traction at the present is social media. Companies are finding that they can have an increased level of dialogue directly with their user-base on services such as Twitter and Facebook. These two in particular have changed the way in which users can interact with brands and request support. Thanks to the messaging capabilities integrated with most social media platforms, support representatives can answer queries directly and take the conversation private when necessary.

From our experiences with social media, we can definitely recommend it as a key platform for any new foray into providing aftermarket services for your brand. Dedicated staff members focused on providing a direct social media experience can provide a key access point for consumers to voice their concerns. As an added bonus they can help to lessen the burden on other support options, namely call centres and email-based support. Having a brand representative as a true part of the community can also benefit your brand’s reputation and provide a subtle advertisement for your brand’s intended qualities.

Remember, providing support is just one key part of the aftermarket services sphere. However, it could be argued that it is the most crucial part of that field as it dictates how customers perceive your brand directly. Providing support and sales are normally the only opportunities companies get to interact with consumers. If these interactions are below consumer expectations they could become disenfranchised by your brand and subsequently could drop your products.

Here at SBE, we have our own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. We also have accounts across the internet, so feel free to say hello if you come across us in your travels. You can learn more about our social media presence and join in the conversation by taking a look at our contact us page.

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