The benefits of cross-promotion


SBE UK was recently the focus of a case study PDF created by Insight UK. Insight UK is a leading provider of IT, hardware, software and solutions so SBE UK definitely thought they would be perfect for them. They were correct, and their relationship blossomed. So much so, that Insight UK thought they should highlight us in more depth in the case study PDF.

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SBE websites updated

SBE logo

We have just updated several of our websites, and introduced a new website for SBE Canada. The new websites offer some exciting new features that we thought we should share with you. For starters, users now have access to a jobs section on SBE Global, SBE UK, SBE Ireland and SBE Canada. The jobs section on SBE Global includes roles from all of the locations listed above. Applying to the positions is easy, with users being instructed to either visit an external link to apply on a partner website or to us directly. Continue reading

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Guest Post: How growing businesses can save money on office space: Three tips


By Peter Ames, writer for Office Genie

There comes a time when most businesses outgrow the home office. It’s an exciting phase, but the thought of an expensive office search is enough to fill many fledgling business owners with dread. However, there are ways you can cut costs without cutting corners. Peter Ames looks at a few of these.

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Help SBE UK raise money for Movember


SBE UK is raising money for men’s health charity Movember. You can donate, support and join us on their team’s Mo Space here: As you can see, our Mo Space is getting into the swing of things already but we need your help. With your support, we can help change the face of men’s health and have a bit of fun along the way.

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Guest Post: Supplementing your business with hot-desking


By Lee Newell, online marketing assistant at ESE Projects

Modern working practices are changing rapidly. Gone are the days when people could expect a job for life, and many skilled creative freelancers are finding that they’re working regularly for a number of different companies. Whilst working from home is one option for these people, a large amount prefer to work in an office space as they often find this helps them keep a professional attitude and also allows them to clearly delineate between their work and home environments. How could you supplement your business by renting out some of your space to such freelancers, what are the benefits of doing so?

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Guest Post: Making office relocation simple


By Lee Newell, online marketing assistant at ESE Projects

It can be difficult for your company to find pre-built offices that fit the exact requirements of your business. However, it is possible for you to lease out a large open plan office and break down the space using the wide variety of different products available to get it into a good working shape for your staff and business needs. Of course, with the fast paced nature of the modern business world you may well need to relocate this office – which can be a simple and easy process, if you make sure that you get a number of factors right both during the move and when you purchase your office essentials.

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Want to send your phone for repair but don’t know how to back it up first?


At SBE, we understand that sending your phone or tablet for repair can be a traumatic experience. The most common thread between the emails and tweets we receive is that smart device users are apprehensive about sending their product for repair due to the data wipe/software flash we have to perform.

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Guest Post: Best Apps for Keeping Your Life Organized


By Marcela De Vivo, freelance writer

Living in the age of the smartphone might be making us a little busier and distracted, but it’s likewise given us some great tools to become more organized than we ever could have hoped to be. It seems that in just about every area of life there’s an app that is designed to help you be more focused, efficient, and productive than you would without it (that’s of course excluding the massive games category in the App Store and the Google Play Store).

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Guest Post: Aim to encourage self-service? Never forget to create a bailout feature


By Stefanie Amini, Marketing Director, WalkMe

Self-service is becoming increasingly popular for many businesses nowadays as it helps them to save money in the long term. This is because customers can be served more efficiently, and the firm will be able to save on labour costs. Self-service has taken various forms in this day and age. Some of these include vending machines, automated retail systems, ATMs, self-checkout machines and internet-based self-service. Most customers have got used to such systems, and it has practically become a part of many people’s lives. For instance, many would not even dream of going into the bank so as to withdraw money as it is so much quicker and easier to use an ATM. Others would like to manage their internet banking with an online guidance system that can help them complete tasks in real time.

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Are internal reshuffles a good idea?


Last week, Microsoft started a new chapter in their history. The company’s CEO Steve Ballmer launched an aggressive plan to reshuffle the business, which Microsoft hopes will help them regain the market presence they have lost to external forces such as Apple’s highly-successful iOS product line and Android’s new-found domination of the mobile market. As such, Microsoft is using this opportunity to change their approach from being a product-orientated business into a full device and services company.

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