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Our refined service aimed at supporting the warranty requirements of our partners whilst assisting their customers.

Warranty management is essential in the repair and servicing business.

SBE has extensive experience with providing warranty management and we use that knowledge to offer a dependable service for everyone. We realise customers can be upset if their devices are out of warranty (OOW) and need a repair or other form of service, but we are able to offer independent solutions for those consumers whilst upholding the in-warranty repair requirements of our partners.

Warranties can be divisive, but businesses can trust us with looking after their customers with the utmost care. We understand the issues they face on a daily basis and advise our partners on the feedback we receive in this area extensively. We always strive to make a difference in our industry throughout all aspects of our business, and our warranty management services match that pledge.

Here are some key features of our warranty management services:

  • Provision of in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair solutions
  • Provision of in-warranty and out-of-warranty services
  • Handling of warranty information
  • Control of warranty databases tracking device history
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