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SBE’s core business is to provide repair and support services to distributors and end users, through its accredited high-volume repair facilities.

We have a number of repair support services, which include our repair booking tools, our repair tracking tools and our Interactive Diagnostic Tool (IDT) solution. All of these tools can be used online, at the POS or via call centres to help reduce returns avoidance levels and provide customers with unique support options.

We understand that repair services also need to cover more diverse industry interests to keep your business at the very top. SBE has a large number of processes that are purposely designed to enhance and work with your company’s internal systems.

Accredited service centres

SBE is proud to hold accreditation for all major OEMs. We are accredited via either direct OEM accreditation or via network accreditation for many high-profile brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, and HTC amongst others. These brands all have sizeable customer bases, and we welcome the fact that they have chosen to accredit SBE’s aftermarket support services through our high-tech repair centres. Having accreditation means we are well-placed to immediately repair and service a wide assortment of products at any given moment.

We have specialist equipment that is officially sanctioned for use with products from these accreditations, and that is incredibly beneficial when servicing devices. SBE is dedicated to regularly enhancing our accreditation portfolio and pushing what we can offer our partners.

Here are some key features of our accredited service centres:

  • Full accreditation for all major OEMs
  • Trusted to work with major brands and their extensive customer bases
  • Gives us access to specialist support equipment
  • We can directly contact our accreditations at any given moment

Depot repair services

Our high volume repair centres allow our partners to provide their customers with comprehensive repair solutions for products. Thanks to our experience and rapid development in this sector, we enjoy repairing millions of devices every year across the world. We house repair facilities in the UK, France, Ireland, Belgium, Poland and Canada that integrate with our other global business locations. Our depots also contain call centres that provide rapid customer support.

No one likes it when they have to send their device for repairs, and we fully understand that. Our fast-track service centres (we offer both depot repairs and regional centre-based repairs) ensure you keep your customers happy and loyal through the duration of their contracts and beyond.

We also offer self-service repair booking and repair tracking solutions for customers, in either branded or white label formats that integrate with our repair centre processes. Our high volume repair centres are ideally equipped to help increase the life cycle of products and the general happiness of your consumers.

Here are some key features of our depot repair services:

  • Fast-track repair services
  • Dedicated pre-screening tests to highlight device issues
  • Integration with online repair booking services
  • Integration with online repair tracking
  • Quality control testing of all repaired devices
  • Enhanced solutions to common repair techniques
  • Dedicated and well-trained repair staff
  • Software update capabilities

In-home repair solution

SBE also provides in-home repairs. We appreciate that some products may be too large to be sent away for repairs or some end-users are too far away from our depot repair centres, so that’s why we decided to invest in a dedicated in-home repair service. Feedback from our partners and their customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we take pride in being able to offer this service.

We believe that all of your customers are valuable for your business. Support shouldn’t have to be focused in one central place now that the world is feeling the benefits of globalisation. We have fully-trained in-home repair teams with the very latest high-end support tools and equipment that are always ready to provide their expertise.

Here are some key features of our in-home repair solutions:

  • Our in-home repair staff are fully-trained and equipped with the very latest high-end support tools and equipment
  • Can repair and service devices in-home, regardless of location
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Very unique in an industry that has been progressively moving to depot-only repairs

Repair management services

We have a long history of providing electronic repair support services. We have a number of electronic repair support options, which include our repair booking tools, our repair tracking tools and our Interactive Diagnostic Tool (IDT) solution. All of these tools can be used online, at the POS or via call centres to help reduce returns avoidance levels and provide customers with unique support options:

Interactive Diagnostic Tool

Our Interactive Diagnostic Tool (IDT) solution is changing the ways in which the end user experiences customer service by giving them direct and fluid answers to their problems without going through the usual steps of customer service.

Customers no longer have to wait for call-centres to open in order to get in touch with someone about their problems, but instead can self-diagnose their issues through our extensive IDT solution. Our IDT tool gives answers to customers through extensive scripts, which contain detailed multimedia content such as videos and images. This means customers have access to a 24/7 support solution where they can solve most common device problems at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

Repair Booking

Customers can have peace of mind by booking their repairs through our call centres or our point of sale (POS) in-store based booking services for our partners. If customers book their repairs through our call centres, our customer service teams can arrange for packaging to be sent out to customers in order for them to send their devices to our repair centres. If customers book their repairs through our partners’ stores, the stores are given packaging and then the devices can be dispatched immediately from those locations to ensure a rapid turnaround time (TAT).

Repair Tracking

Our end-to-end repair tracking services allow us to provide customers with the ability to see their repair progressing in real-time. Our in-store solution allows sales or customer service staff to view details about the repair and provide feedback based on that information. The internet solution for this service allows customers to safely enter some minor details and see a detailed report of their repair’s progress. Furthermore, if customers are concerned about their repair they are welcome to send us messages through this tool and we would be more than happy to service their requests.

Loan Device Management

SBE also provides a full loan device management solution. This ensures that your business’ customers can still have a device to use when their product is being repaired. We know that being without a phone is impossible for most individuals now, which is why we decided to help customers with this solution. Our loan devices are of the highest quality, and our systems can easily keep track of what devices are being used as well as who’s using them. Moreover, we can provide visibility on data such as loan length and monitor device quality at any time.

Online Payment Solution

Unfortunately, some device repairs might be out of the manufacturer’s warranty and could need payment. SBE has developed a comprehensive online payment solution for this purpose. The service offers a hassle-free and completely secure way for customers to pay for repairs that integrates with our other products. Customers expect to be able to pay for anything online now with their credit or debit cards, so this solution is designed around facilitating that movement and embracing their willingness for self-service.

We value end-user usage data from their experiences, and we use that data to improve our unique tools. In turn, this improves the end-user experience and effectiveness of our tools for everyone whilst improving returns avoidance levels.

Here are some key features of our electronic repair support service:

  • Online/POS/Call Centre repair booking service
  • Online/POS/Call Centre repair tracking
  • Online payment system that integrates into our other products
  • Interactive Diagnostic Tool can easily service customer queries
  • Drives returns avoidance through solving common issues
  • Constantly updated with latest models and information
  • Provides the customer with media to help them
  • Users can self-service at a time that suits them
  • Users can easily contact us if they see any potential issues
  • Easily equip your customers with loan devices when their products are in for repair
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