Recycling and Recovery - Pile of old mobile phones

SBE has several recycling and recovery services that are dedicated to being environmentally friendly whilst upholding our high economic standards.

We are certified to provide extensive recycling and recovery services. SBE feels that it should be our duty to recycle and recover as many products that we possibly can. Our services in this sector are focused on reducing the bottlenecks in the supply chain and removing what is normally a complicated barrier to entry.

Businesses realise the importance of embracing environmentally-friendly processes, and SBE’s experience in this area makes us a global leader in providing green practices. Ever since we started, we have always thought of innovative ways to change how business is normally done. Our recycling and recovery services follow this pattern of beneficial disruption.

Trade-in portals

As a technology partner in recycling, SBE has developed various customer specific end-to-end ‘Buy Back Incentive Schemes’ for Networks and Insurance Companies.

SBE supports the Buy Back market in the UK, France, Ireland and Germany for a number of existing market players such as P4U and Royal Mail in the UK, Mister Recycle in France and Recycling Angel in Germany. SBE intends to further develop its client base for services provided in this sector. Uniquely, SBE provides only services to the client and does not directly compete in the Buy Back market against its customers, ensuring all pricing and efficiency gained from SBE’s services are completely beneficial to the client and their customer base.

Here are the key features of SBE’s trade-in portal services:

  • Kind to the environment
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to set up and get running
  • Rapid TAT
  • Can be made available at POS, online or through a call centre
  • We do not compete with our partners in the Buy Back arena


We are well-placed to interface directly with the supply chain and provide order to recycling processes. Our experience has dictated that this business can traditionally have many bottlenecks throughout the system. Therefore, our services in this sector are dedicated to streamlining how devices move through the process from the immediate pick-up of the device all the way through to our other services in recovery or disposal. These core processes also interface with our trade-in services, but can be dynamically customised for use with your business. We refurbish as many devices as we can, and ensure that all recycled devices match our high standards.

Our trade-in solution is supported by these extensively unique back-end recycling processes and is a key part of how we aim to use electronic waste to enhance our business. With our extensive experience in the after sales and reverse logistics marketplace, we have developed extensive recycling solutions focusing on cost, customer experience, quality, simplicity and turnaround time (TAT). Our experience in this arena has shown us that we can easily adapt our processes to match the demands of our partners and their end-users.

Here are the key features of SBE’s recycling services:

  • Dedicated processes that interface with other elements in the recycling supply chain
  • Extensive back-end facilities that can control overlaying trade-in initiatives
  • Focused on providing a high customer experience and rapid turnaround time (TAT)
  • Can be dynamically customised for any business
  • Sensible handling of electronic waste
  • Devices are sensibly refurbished and re-used as often as possible

Asset recovery and disposal

SBE is dedicated to re-using and recovering devices as efficiently as possible. We realise that as a leading aftermarket services vendor, we have a responsibility to be environmentally friendly in an economically viable way. Our ISO 14000 certification proves that SBE is focused on minimising how our operations effect the environment. We take pride in complying with certifications, laws and regulations in this sensitive area. SBE is extremely mindful of the electronic waste sector, and we are proud to handle this particular type of waste with the utmost care.

Our facilities can recover significant assets from devices and economically re-use them if a device is classed as beyond economic repair (BER). We also have disposal facilities that can cleanly remove assets from the supply chain without impacting the environment. SBE only disposes of devices once we can obtain the maximum amount of possible assets from the product.

Here are the key features of SBE’s asset recovery and disposal solutions:

  • Full ISO 14000 certification that complements our other ISO certifications
  • Fully compliant with other laws and regulations in this sensitive area
  • Can recover significant assets from the product and economically re-use them
  • Provides a way to re-use previously beyond economic repair (BER) devices
  • Can cleanly remove assets from the supply chain without impacting the environment
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