Front End Solutions - Diagnostic tool

Our front end solutions significantly improve how customers interface with your business.

Front-end filtering solutions are no longer a pipe-dream. They are extremely effective, thanks to today’s computer-literate audiences. We have concrete proof that users benefit from self-serving front-end solutions across a variety of focused tools. The rapid expansion of technology as a whole is benefiting the aftermarket services arena and we have extensive experience with delivering many comprehensive front-end solutions.

Device troubleshooting and repair avoidance

Our Interactive Diagnostic Tool (IDT) solution is changing the ways in which end users experience customer service, by giving them direct and fluid answers to their problems without going through the usual steps of customer service. Our IDT solution can be implemented through a self-service online portal, at the point of sale (POS) or via a call centre and is specifically designed for repair avoidance.

Customers no longer have to wait for call-centres or POS outlets to open in order to get in touch with someone about their problems, but instead can self-diagnose their issues through our extensive online IDT solution. Our IDT tool gives answers to customers through comprehensive scripts, which contain detailed multimedia content such as videos, images and links. This means customers have access to a 24/7 support solution where they can solve most common device problems at their own pace and at a time that suits them.

This is a remarkable movement in the services industry. SBE is proud to be a long-standing provider and innovator of front-end filtering solutions. We have been at the forefront of diagnostic tool development since the very beginning, and our successes with this solution across the world have helped us to constantly iterate on what we can offer our customers.

Our diagnostic tool allows us to help businesses repair faulty devices, update device software, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs through repair avoidance. Repair avoidance shouldn’t mean trying to be vague with customers or turning them away, your business just needs to improve the way it provides support by using SBE’s IDT solution. Customers won’t need to send their devices for repair if they can fix their device’s software-related issues in the comfort of their own home or at a convenient local store. We have proven internally that this leads to less call centre traffic and a dramatic decrease in the volume of devices we receive for repair. This will affect your business’ bottom-line and help you offer more services for your customers.

Moreover, we can provide full customer device activation with our in-store system. This includes initial setup and configuring devices to the customer’s specific needs in order to get them up and running as soon as possible.

We also offer a full backup and restore solution for devices we troubleshoot in-store. This allows backups from one phone to be restored to another, and for backups to be placed before attempting any repair techniques or software updates. These backups and restorations are fully integrated into our IDT diagnostic trees. All of our backups are completely safe, with customer data being wiped after every session. We take security very seriously as we understand that customers use devices for everything in their lives, and that’s why we don’t let anyone see the content of the backups our IDT solution creates.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s device troubleshooting and repair avoidance services:

  • Our team of experts update our IDT toolsets and content regularly
  • We continue to learn from real-time queries from pre-existing devices
  • Support advisors can be trained quickly to give a consistent answer
  • Users can self-serve to an online database of frequent questions and known issues
  • Can be implemented through a self-service online portal, at the point of sale (POS) or via a call centre
  • Focused on repair and returns avoidance
  • Offers a simple but effective step-by-step flow for both customer support agents and end-users
  • Includes customer device activation including initial setup and configuration of devices
  • Full backup and restore solution that integrates with our in-store IDT Toolbox and diagnostic trees

Repair booking and repair tracking tools

SBE understands that customers can be cautious about sending their products away for repairs, so we have used our tried and tested experience to create a multitude of repair booking services and tools that fit in with our extensive tracking systems. As you would expect, we can provide repair booking through a number of different ways.

Our partners’ customers can have peace of mind by booking and tracking their repairs through call centres, at the point of sale (POS) or online thanks to SBE’s extensive tools in these integral areas. This multi-channel customer experience allows your business to be easily accessible at any time.

Our in-depth self-service tools are equally important for repair booking too, as they allow end-users to directly control how their device is repaired. Moreover, all of this information can be viewed on our internal help desk applications which can be easily integrated into any business’ supply chain management system.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s repair booking and repair tracking solutions:

  • Allows customers to choose how to get their devices sent for repair
  • Protects and tracks devices booked for repairs
  • Free packaging can be sent to customers for them to send on their broken devices
  • Provides an in-store, call centre and online multi-channel repair booking customer experience
  • Businesses can get full visibility of their solution’s effectiveness through our internal help desk applications

Reverse logistics, screening and grading solutions

SBE’s reverse logistics solutions provide integral processes for businesses. These processes are focused on streamlining the supply chain and are purposely designed to ensure a rapid turnaround time (TAT).

Our booking services are set up to record integral data that could be beneficial for the repair and logistical processes. This ensures devices are sorted and repaired appropriately whilst streamlining the supply chain. We appreciate the sensitivity of our client’s data and as such, we only use the information they have provided for these specific purposes.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s reverse logistics, screening and grading solutions:

  • Collections triggered by web form or webservice
  • Logistical tools to provide direct feedback from the consumer (print self-service delivery labels, uninstalling and removing products at home)
  • Management of product packaging (development of specific solutions, management of transmission packaging for large products)
  • Geographic tools to control and measure performance
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