Analytics and Integration - Chart analysing device repairs

SBE’s reporting tools allow our partners to see crucial information about how our services benefit their business.

At SBE, we realise that businesses and companies need detailed feedback on their customer service solutions that is available immediately. We believe that our reporting tools can provide this feedback in an attractive way that makes business sense to you and your brand. We can represent data in its raw form, or through easy to digest reports with comprehensive graphs and important analysis about your customer service solutions. SBE believes that without measurement, you can’t control your business.

Tracking platform

Reporting and Analytics is the key for our supply chain partners to manage and track their assets efficiently throughout the supply chain. SBE’s reporting tools enable its clients to track and trace its devices as early on as possible. This enables our clients to detect and route causes through a sophisticated pre-warning system, which allows pre-emptive measures to be performed as early as possible in the service cycle.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s tracking platform services:

  • Allows customers to track their repairs instantly
  • Gives the ability for in-store sales agents/customer support to track repairs
  • Provides the opportunity to provide feedback on repairs
  • Keeps users up to date with their repair status
  • Offers an assortment of easy-to-approach access points

Reporting Portals

Businesses constantly need analytical information that is always up-to-date and completely accurate. SBE’s analytics portals allow businesses to visit a dedicated information hub that enables them to select key data points or check important facts. Furthermore, all of our portal solutions are equipped with enhanced tools that allow businesses to export data in a format that suits their specific needs.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s reporting portal solutions:

  • Provides businesses with customisable reporting
  • Data can be easily featured in dedicated information hubs
  • Data content is instantly up to date and ready for analysis
  • Easily accessible via the internet

System Interfaces

SBE’s system interfaces can be completely integrated with your business’ internal systems via easy to use APIs and cloud hosting technology, and we are confident we can work with you to provide customised solutions in this arena. Our extensive experiences in designing system interfaces that match brand requirements have gave us an important edge in the aftermarket services market. We look forward to seeing how we can adapt our system interfaces for your business.

Here are the key elements of SBE’s system interface solutions:

  • Customisable to any given specifications your business may have
  • Can control any services, and integrate with your central processes
  • Experienced management team that can instantly change elements
  • Available online or through local solutions
  • APIs and cloud hosting technology helps to make integration easy
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